SINHA Garments Accessories” Established -2020.  The Printing & Packaging facility is located at Raj filarial, Saver, Dhaka where instant support transportation. “SINHA Garments Accessories” The paper printing and label printing facility is located at Mirpur, where get instant support of raw materials and inks. “shotodol printing and press. Mirpur-10, peace printing and packaging Keraniganj.” Both started in 2020 and are dedicated to quality-conscious, Factory direct accessories supply companies in Dhaka. We also have perfect regular import Paper & Ink from Thailand, Australia, Malaysia & china.

Factory Direct

We design items in our office and send them by electronic communication to our own production facility, where goods are produced in time, under the supervision of skilled dedicated staff and from Factory we deliver Direct to Clients’ required destination Our highest priority is to provide you what you want as quickly as possible.

Customer Service

SINHA personnel communicate very well with the designated personnel of our buyers’ [Factories / Buying Houses] to keep them informed of their order status. Somebody in our office is always checking mails and faxes to see the comments, new orders or any changes required, etc and coordinating, taking immediate action necessary. We fully understand and respect the trend and urgency of the 100% export-oriented garments manufacturing and Delivering Trims in proper time with the required quality. The status of your ordered Accessories order is updated through mobile communication and of course via e-mail.

Your Expectation

We want you to expect nothing but the most from us. Usually, we will ship your orders the day it is asked to be delivered, but we do even try our utmost to deliver earlier if it is asked to Though, some items take a longer time to develop and produce – our staff work overnight to produce and delivery in time, when it demands Our delivery team work at 24 hr so that Working-Time can’t be an excuse for proper delivery. We understand That Trims must be ready at hand before the garments production teams plan or start their job.

Satisfaction Guarantee

SINHA Garments Accessories has an educated, sincere and dedicated team, dwells in company-arranged premises, and works with job satisfaction They have full understanding of the industry They get satisfaction working in SINHA Garments Accessories and get satisfaction from our Patrons. The whole team is made of Design Team, Execution Team, Sorting Team, Delivery Team, and Commercials – are well-motivated bunches of young people who love to work and work to make things right, with only one thing in – “Clients Satisfaction” Our success is contributed to our GREAT PATRONS in the industry Our commitment is to do the best we can for you and will do whatever it takes to make things right, in time. Please know that you can order in confidence and that while we may not be perfect, we will be behind you at all times assured.

Manufacturer Items as bellows:

  • Printing & Packaging  (Carton) Quality Assurance

  • Woven Label, Main Label, Care Label, Size Label, Satin Label

  • Multi Colour printed Poly Bag with adhesive & Blister poly Bag

  • Multi Colour Printed Hang Tag and Wash Care Label

  • Photo in Lay, Back board, Box & multi colour pad.

  • Twill Tape, Velvet Tape, P.P. Belt & Hanger

  • Multi Colour Printed Hang Tag,

  • Stickers, Bar Code Stickers

Local Sourcing Items

Local Sourcing Items

Local Sourcing Items



100% Export Oriented Garments Accessories Solution Items

100% Export Oriented Garments Accessories Solution Items

100% Export Oriented Garments Accessories Solution Items

Sewing Thread Polyester & Cotton

Filament Thread Polyester

Metal Clip

Tag Pin

Gum Tape

Scotch Tape

By Import Sourcing Items as bellows

By Import Sourcing Items as bellows

By Import Sourcing Items as bellows




Metal Tape

PVC Label


PVC Fabrics & Lining

Almost any items, not available in the Local Market

Our Customer Commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in the garments accessories business, then you know that sourcing products can be a challenge. There are so many options and it can be hard to find the right supplier. Sinha garment Export Oriented Garments Accessories Solution.

The materials, such as trims and ribbons, that go into clothing to add attractiveness are collectively called Accessories.

Some basic accessories include thread, zipper, interlining, button, for example snap button, plastic button, metal button, label, size label, wash care label, motif leather, plastic, batch metal, pocketing fabric, lining, velcro, elastic, cord, ribbon, toggles, rivets, collar bone.

In the fashion and clothing industry, the term ‘garment trimming’ refers to the function, benefit, or trait of supplemental material components that do not belong to the garment or apparel itself. Garment trimmings serve as enhancements to the visual characteristics of clothing and add a purpose to their design.

The quality of a product refers to how well its materials don’t have mixing errors, material errors, size faults, matching of color faults, cutting errors, and other shortcomings.

We’ll begin by classifying buttons into five major categories, including flat buttons, shank buttons, stud buttons, toggle buttons, and decorative buttons.

Labels provide insight into the materials used in making the garment. They inform how to take care of the garment and special safety instructions on it. They describe the scale of the garment. They convey the name of the maker. They market the brand.

A trimming is often used to embellish and add panache to clothes. The motifs consist of national names or brand names. The motifs can be embellished by embroidery, printing, or by the other method.

A garment label contains such details as its dimensions, the degree of its sturdiness, the fiber content, the fabric composition, the care inspection, the country of manufacturing, the brand name, and the logo or trademark. 4. A motif contains a brand name, logo, and other types of symbols.

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